Music Theory Course + Scale and Chord Bible + Classical Guitar Package

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Welcome to Music Theory class. In this video you'll learn the basics of music theory in 60 minutes. Watch the video to get a brief introduction to the full course.

1. How To Read Music

2. Key Signatures

3. Intervals

4. Scales

5. Chords

6. 7th Chords

Sell your soul to the Devil by learning the secrets of music. The goal of this course is to create a deeper understanding of the music you hear and play.


In Section 1 you'll learn how to read the notes on the musical staff. We'll also learn Rhythm, including every common subdivision. Grab the reading exercises below to test your sight reading skills.


In Section 2 we'll take a tour through every key in the Circle Of 5ths. Pretty much any song every made can be understood with this concept. I'll demonstrate a popular song for each key to hear them in action. As we all know, D minor is the saddest of all keys.

0:33:27 INTERVALS:

In Section 3 we'll tackle Intervals. An interval is the distance between two notes. I associate each musical interval with a popular song. For example, the m2 is used in the "Jaws Theme."

0:41:09 SCALES:

Section 4 is all about scales. You'll learn the basics of scale construction, Harmonic and Melodic Minor. Be sure to grab my "Scale Bible" in the link below. It's got every scale that exists. Major, Minor, Modes, The Enigmatic Scale, Modes Of Limited Transposition, Byzantine, Persian and many more.

0:52:20 CHORDS:

In Section 5 Chords are the focus. You'll learn the 4 types of triads, the difference between major and minor. Also, we'll learn the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves" to learn 7th chords.

Remember that music theory is just a tool to help you get the sounds you want. Stay Evil muhahaha 😈

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1.5 hours of Music Theory content covering everything you need to know plus my scale and chord bible


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